Real-time Style Performer, Version 2 (298K)
MIDI Finger Conductor, Version 2 (21K)
MIDI Finger Player, Version 1 (22K)
Music I Play - Музыка в моем исполнении

Program Page of Alexander I. Lotov

Here you will find three music program for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
Everything is free!

Real-time Style Performer

The Realtime Style Performer gives you the ability to play musical styles created for Yamaha PSR musical instruments via MIDI. The program is solely dedicated to realtime “live” performance with a MIDI keyboard connected to PC, like it is done by the auto accompaniment PSR keyboards. It is not a sequencer. By this the program introduces new abilities and does not cross performance of the other software applications and utilites available on the market, which deal with Yamaha PSR styles and MIDI. With such MIDI commutation utilites like Hubi’s Loopback Driver one always may connect the RSP to a sequencer for recording and subsequent editing, if there is need for that.

MIDI Finger Conductor

A small free program. It converts your MIDI keyboard in a sort of conducting controller at the level of separate notes. By the way you press the keys you control velocities, start times and duratations of notes, BUT NOT THE PITCHES. It is the program that follows the right pitch sequence. Thus, blindly pressing on arbitrary keys you always produce the right predefined pitch sequence, but the expression with which this sequence is performed is fully yours. The program supports simultaneous separate left and right hand parts and accord playing. With the use of a multi port driver, such as Hubi's Loopback driver, you may easily use it with any of your favorite sequencer. And the program is freeware!

MIDI Finger Player

Another small free program, successor of MIDI Finger Conductor. With it you may substitute expression performance of solo tracks of a playing midi file with your own variant right on the fly. It is a realtime control program. Take ANY midi file, make sure that its solo tracks are adjusted to midi channels 1 and 2 in your favourite sequencer, then load the file into the MIDI Finger Player, start playing it and press arbitrary keys on your midi keyboard to produce your own expression of the solo tracks. Again, as in MIDI Finger Conductor, you are responsible for note velocities, start times and duratations, while the program takes care of the right pitch sequence possible within particular time period. Same as becoming a singer with karaoke any person becomes a performance musician with the MIDI Finger Player!

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